Rajopacharam - A Kingly Feast
Image Credit: -Welcomhotel Sheraton-Dakshin

Flavours from down south are always a gastronomical delight.  Each meal that is served is always dipped in tradition and culture and keeping up with the same spirit Dakshin celebrates Rajopacharam and is etching the ethos of South India, in tradition, service and fare, where rituals and personalized service makes every meal a truly memorable experience.

This iconic restaurant that known to serve one of the best Southern flavours, as it reflects tradition and sense of good food in every possible way. The ambience of this place sees a much temple influence, primarily from Southern India. The entrance sees a huge traditional brass lamp (Velaku) and the Urli (vessel) with flower petals floating in water and light Carnatic music being plays at the backdrop. And chef Velu have been a driving factor in making this restaurant an iconic address in the city. Chef has brought flavours from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. This regional cuisine restaurant 

This 42 year-old restaurant will be hosting the Rajopacharam Feast (that literally translates to “meal fit for a king"). Dakshin, will serve South Indian regality’s beloved palate for vegetarians, non-vegetarians and sea food lovers in the form of Thali in silver thalis and kattories and brass tableware that will constitute of nine delicacies; Staple such as Sankati (made with finger millet flour this is made into balls and eaten in place of rice), Mangai Choru (Rice with raw mango and tempered mustard and curry leaves), Cholam Thair Ganjgree (Millet porridge with curd and tempered); and prominent dishes such as Ennai Kathirikai (Ennai Means oil and Kathirikai means brinjal, Brinjal cooked in a curry of sesame and tomato sweet and sour), Vathal Kari (Deep Fried Shrimp’s marinated chills and spices), Eral Vattudal (Deep Fried Shrimp’s marinated chills and spices), Vellam Charu Kozhukkatai (sweet dish made with rice flour, palm jaggery and grated coconut) along with authentic beverages such as Mochai Rasam (Delicately flavored extract of butter beans), Coconut Water and Buttermilk.

Visiting Dakshin at Welcomhotel Sheraton New Delhi, is not just about a meal, but an culinary experience that worth a memory. The Rajopacharam - A Kingly Feast festival will on till 8th March, 2022, for an appetising ride to the ancient delicacies presented by Master Chef Velu.