Rajma Chawal And Aloo Gobhi, Malaika Arora Loves Punjabi Food

For some reason, Punjabi cuisine always seems to be a crowd pleaser. A Punjabi feast will always be the highlight of any occasion, whether it be a wedding, family gathering, brunch, birthday, vacation, or anything else. Meals prepared in a Punjabi kitchen tend to be hearty and flavorful. All of these dishes, from the classic Sarson ka Saag and Makki di roti to the more modern Chole Bhature, aloo gobhi, and Butter Chicken with garlic Naan, are a heavenly feast for the taste senses. You may have sampled many delicious Punjabi specialties, but some foods satiate stomachs so well that its beyond explaining, Rajma chawal is one among them. It's the ultimate comfort food.  Suppose we told you Malaika Arora, a famous Bollywood actress, also has feelings for them. What if we told you Malaika Arora, the Bollywood star, also has the same feelings for Punjabi food? 

The actress recently posted photographs of Rajma Chawal and aloo gobhi to her Instagram stories, describing the dish as a "staple" while she is in Delhi.   

The actress had previously posted a series of clips from her holiday in Sri Lanka and Baku, in which she enjoyed some local cuisine and posted photos of a variety of snacks including hoppers and cheese plates. The starlet has gained fame for her impressive dedication to yoga, health, and elegance. You might say that diva is a true foodie who relishes exploring new cuisines and yet finds comfort in her favorite ones. 

Rajma can be cooked in countless different ways, each one reflecting the cook's own tastes. Dishes like Rajma Tadka, Rajma, and the like all start with the same basic ingredient. Punjabi rajma masala is the most well-liked of all the variations. It goes particularly well with steamed rice; however tandoori roti is a common alternative. However, aloo gobhi is also a fan-favorite and is often the spotlight dish at festive gatherings. The sabzi is delicious with both the jeera rice and the puri, but the combination of the two is very delicious.