Rahul Khanna's Brekkie Is The Perfect Balance Of Health & Taste

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and to attest to this firmly is Rahul Khanna’s first meal of the day. Known to share his love for organisation and clean aesthetic from time to time, Rahul’s passion also extends to his meals – all of which are plated in a simple but appealing manner. While his fit physique is quite popular, garnering the attention of Bollywood folks from time to time, it is his breakfasts that have gained their own legendary status.

A sucker for habit and routine, the actor is seen most often enjoying breakfasts which have similar components or ingredients. In the latest one that he shared on social media this morning, Rahul’s breakfast included a bowl of cut orange and blueberries, a plate holding two slices of toast – one topped with avocado, mackerel and jammy egg and the other with a similar base, except for the veggie frittata in place of the boiled egg. The regular boiled egg was garnished with crushed pepper and salt, while the frittata looked colourful, studded with greens and tomatoes.

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Captioning his photograph saying, “What’s for breakfast?” Rahul typically reshares the same photograph a second time, with each dish labelled neatly. A fiend for black coffee that he usually sips with stevia mixed in, Rahul was candid enough to admit that he downed the coffee before the photo could be taken. The actor, whose breakfasts also include an array of cold cuts, cauliflower bread and even rice tossed with mushrooms or mackerel, has previously confessed to breakfast being his favourite meal of the day. Tell us what your favourite healthy breakfast is, in the comments.