Quiz: Sweet, spice, and everything rice!

Pulao, also referred to as Pilaf, is a rich wheat dish found in different varieties from South Asia to Spain. Pulao is usually cooked in stock, broth, spices, vegetables, or meat. The Spanish paella and the biriyani are said to be variations of pulao. Today, pulao is often considered a comfort food and something that can be made quickly and easily. 

Fried onions or fragrant spices like cardamom, bay leaves, and cinnamon is used to prepare pulao. Adding saffron helps give the rice that yellow tinge. Pulao recipes change according to how long you pre-soak the rice or steam it after boiling it. 

In India, pulao is often referred to as ‘Veg Biriyani’ and does not include meat. When meat is included, it is mainly chicken, fish, lamb, goat, pork, or prawn with rice. Bengalis often prepare pulao with aromatic rice, cashew nut, raisin, saffron, ghee, and various spices like nutmeg, bay leaf, cinnamon, cardamom, cumin, clove, and mace. 

If you’re a fan of rice-based delicacies, then this quiz is for you!

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