Quiz: Sweet and Sour Everything.

Food is a major part of Chinese culture and has influenced many other cuisines across Asia. Staples include rice, soy sauce, noodles, tea, chilli oil, and tofu and preferences for seasoning and cooking techniques depend on differences in historical background and ethnic groups.

Chinese traditional dishes are famous for their colour, aroma, taste, meaning, and exquisite appearance; and utensils such as the wok and chopsticks are commonly used. Peking duck is a famous dish known for its thin and crispy skin and is considered one of China's national dishes. Kung pao chicken is another dish that is a famous Sichuan-style speciality popular with both the local Chinese people and foreigners.

Other dishes from Chinese cuisine include chow mein, congee, mapo tofu, char siu, wonton soup, soup dumplings, hot pot, Chinese sticky rice, spring rolls, sweet and sour pork, dim sum and fried rice.

If you are a fan of this incredible cuisine, this quiz is for you.

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