Quiz: Onion mark, get set go!

Onion is a vegetable that is not enjoyed in its raw form but adding it as an ingredient while cooking can change the taste dramatically. This exquisite vegetable can be used in the preparation of all kinds of sauces, curries, and soups. Since onion is a staple ingredient in most households, it is cultivated worldwide. About 4.5 million tonnes of onion is produced annually.

Onions can be enjoyed in different kinds of ways. They can be chopped and pickled and then added over salads and tacos or can be caramelised with a pinch of salt to add a sweet and savoury flavour to any dish. The flavour of onion can be best experienced in foods such as french onion soup, onion rings, onion garlic paratha, pyaaz ke pakode, onion rava dosa, and many more. 

Do you believe in the magic of onions? Then this quiz is for you.

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