Quiz: Nothing sweeter than a gulab jamun!

Punjabi food is well-known for its richness and use of dairy products, and the desserts are no different. Several traditional recipes, from dodha barfi to phirni, are meant for sweet tooth lovers. The traditional kheer or payasam is among the oldest Indian desserts and has persisted for over two thousand years.   

Kharbooja kulfi is a delicious and healthy dessert option that adds a fruity twist to the traditional Punjabi kulfi. It is prepared from sweet muskmelons, full cream milk, lemon, and saffron. Kala jamuns are a popular wedding snack. They are similar to gulab jamuns but are prepared using hariyali khoya and maida. Meetha pooda, on the other hand, is often preferred as a breakfast option during winter and summer. 

Classic desserts such as Kheer find their origin in Punjab, prepared with creamy milk, basmati rice, and dry fruits. Phirni is made from a mixture of creamy milk, rice, and khoya and is a Punjabi favourite. Halwa is another common dessert item that can be customized to your preference. There are plenty more varieties of Punjabi desserts. 

If you’re a fan of sweet, savoury desserts, then this quiz is for you!

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