Quiz: Nothing butter than puff pastry!

The puff pastry is a french delicacy which is also referred to as pâte feuilletée made from a laminated and buttery dough. The puff pastry is flaky, buttery and crispy and multi-layered with a sweet or savoury filling. The thin, delicate layers are hard to achieve but extremely satisfying to make and consume. 

The ingredients of a puff pastry include flour, sugar, cold water, butter and salt. The water is supposed to be cold because this is necessary to get the crispy layers that are distinct from a puff pastry. Grated butter allows the dough to be laminated and prevents the tearing of the dough while rolling. Freezing the dough and wrapping it in plastic is a hack to prevent the dough from shrinking while in the oven. 

To keep the pastry flakier, the number of folds needs to increase. Folding four to six times would do the trick since the process is cumbersome. To tenderize the dough, add lemon juice will help along with a few drops of white vinegar. The melted butter between the layers is the highlight of a puff pastry; the golden touch that makes it so delicious and crispy. 

If you’re a fan of this french treat, then this quiz is for you! 

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