Smoked and charred food has been part and parcel of most cuisines around the world. Our ancestors have extensively used the process for ages to cook, flavour, and preserve food.

In present times, the same method is used to give dishes a distinct smoky flavour and burnt texture. From smoked beverages to cheese, seafood, and meat, there is no dearth of ingredients that can be charred for a different flavour profile altogether. 

Every country in the world has its particular charring method - Ikan bakar, ayam bakar, kebabs are staples in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, and the Middle East. Korea has its special "gogigui" grills. Russia uses alcoholic drinks for grilling, while barbecues are a proper feast in the West.

If the thought of the grilled and charred food is making you hungry, this quiz will surely give you a few ideas for your next barbecue feast.

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