Quiz: Mezze-merizing flavours!

A mezze is an assorted collection of various small portions of food served in family size. Typically, a Mediterranean mezze consists of dips, spreads, vegetables, and small dishes that are authentic to the Middle East. This type of mezze is a fun way to serve a party or a large dinner and it is sure to be filling. Mezzes are a popular way to serve appetizers in places such as Greece, Turkey, Lebanon or parts of the eastern Mediterranean. 

To prepare a Mediterranean mezze one starts with a few spreads such as hummus, baba ganoush, yoghurt, or muhammara. These spreads are accompanied by two or three varieties of cheese, a pickled or cut-up vegetable, and bread such as the likes of pita or lavash, with a touch of dried fruits. Pita is the most commonly preferred bread on a mezze. At times, a salad like tabouli made of antioxidant-rich parsley is also a fine addition. 

A little bit of feta cheese stripped into small pieces seasoned with olive oil and a hint of herbs will help a Mediterranean mezze is everyone’s favourite. Preparing fish or charcuterie is a fan favourite paired with a refreshing and carbonated drink to help tie the flavour profile of your mezze. There are no rules when it comes to a grand platter so flexible and innovative options can be tried. 

If you’re a fan of Mediterranean dishes, then this quiz is for you!

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