Quiz: Maize of flavours!

Corn is the most widely used and all-rounded ingredient around the world. Due to its adaptability to most hot climates, corn is ripe and available during summer. It is a staple in tropical dishes, starting as the centre or an enhancer similar to a grain or a fruit. Corn on the cob is a typically well-loved snack which can be prepared in a variety of ways- boiled, steamed, microwaved, oven-baked and grilled. Once cooked, corn is delicious with the addition of a rich cheese such as parmesan or feta.

Corn is often found as street food and the Mexican esquites are a great option for the ones interested in a quick snack. Corn is roasted with chillies, cheese and lime in order to create this tangy treat. Corn is a useful ingredient in salads which serves as a side dish, appetizer or topping. Corn is added to the average vegetable burrito bowl for a delicious spin. Corn soup is another quick and efficient dish to fall back to on lazy afternoons.

Sweet corn prepared with fried rice, as well as corn pulao is a great way to incorporate corn into Indian dishes. Other dishes include palak corn, corn chaat, bhutte ka kees, masala corn, makai ka shorba, corn pakoras and many more.

If you’re a fan of corn dishes, then this quiz is for you!

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