Quiz: Life is so dull without dal!

Dal is a category of legumes used extensively in Indian cooking. For vegetarians, dal is a staple in their everyday meals. Dal is a rich source of protein with multiple varieties. Common recipes such as dal dish, khichdis, pakoras, dosas, cheelas, sweets like halwas and ladoos, chutneys, chutney podis, parathas, kebabs, and soups are all prepared with various types of dal. 

South India and North India both cook dal in their distinct ways; while south Indians make sambhar with dal, north Indians use it to make dal makhani. The most widely used types of dal are moong dal, toor dal, chana, rajma, masoor dal etc. Black-skinned urad dal is rich in fibre and is used to make sweets. Dishes such as adadiya pak, do o kalai and dal bukhara are prepared with this dal. 

White lobia, also known as, black eyes peas, is used to make sundal and is also used in salads. Matki is a very rich source of protein that is often preferred to build muscle and increase energy. Kala chana is a highly common type of dal that is served during ashtami prasad. After soaking overnight, it is prepared into a curry or can be had dry as well. In Kerala, the kala chana curry is referred to as kadala curry and is well-loved. 

If you’re a fan of dal, then this quiz is for you! 

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