Quiz: Life is better with lobsters in it!

Lobster dishes are luxurious seafood delicacies. Even though they are not a commonly cooked dish in India, it is a must-try dish for any seafood enthusiast. Lobster rolls are the perfect go-to meal while hanging out on a beach. Another indulgent option is the creamy bisque or lobster risotto. A heavenly combination is a steamed and chilled lobster tail accompanied by the dipping sauce.

Lobster dishes are often paired with fish, such as shrimp or crab, to complete the seafood trifecta. There are two distinct styles of preparing lobster dishes; the Maine style and the Connecticut style. Maine-style lobsters are dressed with mayo, buttered, and served with a top-split hot dog bun. Whereas the Connecticut-style dishes do not use mayo, cooked in butter and seasoned with fresh herbs. 

To prepare a rich lobster roll, the fish is boiled and later poached in butter and served with a spicy mustard mayo to balance the richness. Adding bright green peas and ramp leaves is another option. The lobster mac and cheese is another flavourful combination for a weekend dinner. 

If you’re a fan of this seafood delicacy, this quiz is for you! 

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