Food is a big part of Spanish culture; the joy of people getting together and enjoying a variety  of dishes makes up a large part of their lives. Spain is the place to go for exquisite ingredients, from being the largest exporter of olive oil to its abundant vineyards and large-scale saffron cultivation.

Paella the world-famous Spanish dish primarily comes from the beautiful city of Valencia but is prepared in different ways. Paella de marisco, a kind of  seafood paella is most commonly prepared, which contains shrimp, muscles, fish, and a distinct type of rounded rice.

Tapas, an appetizer or snack, are  often served  before the main course, some of them being aceitunas (olives), albóndigas (meatballs), bacalao, calamares and empanadillas. Other spanish dishes include patatas bravas, gazpacho, pimientos de padron, fideuà, Jamón and churros, a crispy dessert enjoyed with hot chocolate.

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