Quiz: Keep calm and curry on!

The Indian subcontinent has one of the most diverse palates in the world. Indian curries vary from region to region, but they are all packed with flavour and spices. Curry comes from the Tamil word “kari,” meaning “to bite,” and was told to refer to biting into meat or a plant. Today curries are appropriated in many other cultures. Western cultures often rely on curry powder to recreate Indian magic. 

Indian curries can be broadly classified into six types based on ingredients and taste. A dhansak curry has a spicy plus sweet and sour flavour profile. Tikka masala is the most common type of Indian curry, where meats are cooked in a tandoor and coated with the creamy masala. A saag curry is primarily made of chopped-up leaf vegetables combined with some heavy spices. 

Korma is prepared by mixing yoghurt or stock with meat or vegetables, and spices to make a thick gravy. A jalfrezi is a hot-fry curry that consists of meat, fish, paneer, or vegetables served with thick spicy sauce. Green chillies are a necessary addition to a jalfrezi curry. The dish vindaloo is perfect for spice lovers. The richness is a significant factor when it comes to Indian curries. 

If you’re a fan of curries, then this quiz is for you! 

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