Quiz: I eat and chaat a lot…

Delhi, the capital of India is also popular for its cuisine and the availability of a wealth of cuisines from other parts of India and around the world. Delhi is also renowned for its famous restaurants,  however, the authentic flavours may be discovered in the street cuisine. Walking past the streets of Delhi, one finds various vendors selling all kinds of mouthwatering food and drinks. 

These traditional Indian foods have a unique flavour and aroma that allure any passer-by. It's fascinating to watch the chefs and vendors make the food in front of you and serve it fresh. From East Delhi to Old Delhi, from chaats to kebabs it's an entirely new journey with the mouth-watering Delhi street food.

Indian street food is famous for its spiciness and rich taste, and include several favourite snacks like samosas, gol gappas, ram laddoos, paranthas, kebabs, chole bhature and many more.

If you are a fan of these delicious street foods, then this quiz is for you.

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