Quiz: Explore the flavours of the Northeast.

North-Eastern cuisine is a combination of several exotic dishes with each state contributing to its unique flavour and twist. The North East is also known for its meat consumption starting from mutton, chicken, pigeon, duck, pork, and beef to venison and squab. The fondness for non-vegetarian delicacies is so immense that sometimes people add meat to traditional vegetarian dishes.

Rice is enjoyed in many forms in the North East with variations such as creamakhoi(puffed rice), chira(chura), muri, komal chaul. One difference in North East cuisine from the rest of Indian cuisine is their limited use of oil and masala. 

Each state offers their special unique delicacies such as Jadoh, a pork dish in Meghalaya, Manipur’s Kabok which is made with rice and vegetables and Apong, a refreshing drink served in Arunachal Pradesh.

If you are a fan of this cuisine, this quiz is for you.

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