Quiz: Everything is better with Charcuterie!

Charcuterie refers to a French style of preparing meats such as bacon, ham, sausage, terrines, galantines, ballotines, pâtés, and confit. The meats are laid on a charcuterie board made of wood or stone. The food is consumed straight from the board itself. The tradition of charcuterie was developed in 15th-century France. The preparation of cured meats and meat products was the main focus. 

This serving style helps preserve foods, especially cured meats or pâtés, as well as cheeses and crackers or bread. At parties or dinners, charcuterie is a great way to arrange all of the food in one go. In order to make a charcuterie board, there are no specific rules. One can play around with meats and cheeses in whatever way is easy for consumption. 

Cheeses are the main event of the board with all kinds of cheeses such as soft cheese like brie, chevre, or camembert. Hard cheeses such as cheddar, gouda, or manchego are also enjoyed by people. Many also use unique cheese such as blue cheese or Mimolette. When it comes to meats, the go-to options include salami, soppressata, or cinghiale, cured ham, country pate and mousse. 

If you’re a fan of this french cuisine, then this quiz is for you!

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