Quiz: Everyday is mango-nificent!

Mango can be termed as ‘The king of fruits’ whether it comes to its taste or its nutritional value. It contains vitamin C, vitamin A and your daily vitamin B6, these nutrients support your body’s immune system. It is a delicious way to get fibre in your diet.

Mango is one of the seasonal fruits which grows in the sub-Himalayan plains of the Indian subcontinent. The exotic fruit belongs to the family of Anacardiaceae, a species of tropical fruit trees. Its scientific name is Mangifera Indica and is found in many varieties such as Alphonso (Maharashtra State), Malgova, and Sindhuri (Kesar).

During summer, delicious desserts with mango often give us a refreshing break. Desserts such as mango ice cream with its smooth and fluffy texture is a must-have after every meal. Other delightful mango desserts include mango pudding, mango falooda, mango panna cota, and mango phirni among others.

If you love mangoes, then this quiz is for you.

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