Quiz: Don't miss these fish delicacies from God’s own country!

Due to its extensive coastline, Kerala is rich in fish dishes. Fresh fish is delivered daily. To this, adding Kerala spices produces one of the best fish preparations. From pomfret to sardines, various fishes complete every meal for Keralites. The recipes range from spicy curries to fried fish. 

Pearl spot fish is a local favourite referred to as karimeen. Karimeen is marinated in spices, wrapped in a banana leaf, then steamed and served as karimeen polichathu. The mullet fish is spiced, grilled, and served along with masala okra and fried potatoes. This is locally called meen chuttuly. 

The Kerala fish curries are often highly spiced with black pepper and turmeric. It comes out looking red and is prepared without adding oil. Due to the wide availability of coconut milk, fish stews are often creamy and bright yellow. A much-loved combination is spicy red fish curry paired with tapioca.

If you’re a fan of Kerala fish dishes, then this quiz is for you! 

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