Quiz: Decoding Dhaam-The Taste Of Himachal

Himachal has more to offer than just its beautiful mountains and scenic beauty, but they also allure to their tourists with their delicious cuisine. Specifically, Himachali cuisine contains North Indian staples such as lentils, broth, rice, vegetables and bread, but one can sense the strong flavours of cardamom and yoghurt in the dishes as well.

Each valley in Himachal has something important to contribute to the flavour and presentation of the state’s cuisine, and all those dishes reflect the weather conditions, traditions, history and availability of resources. The cuisine of Himachal Pradesh is also significantly influenced by the cuisines of Punjab and Tibet, especially in its northern regions.

Some of the specialities of Himachal include Manee, Madeera, Pateer, Chouck, Bhagjery and chutney of til. Dham is another traditional food served in marriages or other functions. Siddu, Patrode, Cheele and Babru are some of the authentic snack dishes of the state.

If you are a fan of Himachal then this quiz is for you.

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