Quinoa Shake To Chickpea Milk: 7 High Protein Drinks For Summers
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Protein is a very important macronutrient for people of all age groups. It helps in muscle recovery and improves overall health. Having protein in one's breakfast is crucial as it gives the needed energy to go on with the day until one has lunch. Most people like to add one or the other source of protein to their meals. This includes paneer, chicken or tofu. 

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Another way of fulfilling one's regular protein intake is to consume a lot of whey added to milk or some other libation. However, just like a lot of foods, different types of high-in-protein beverages are made from natural ingredients. These drinks can be incorporated into one's routine and consumed regularly for one's well-being. Here are some simple protein-rich beverage ideas.

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* Almond Spinach Shake

The almond spinach shake is one of the healthiest shakes that one can make. It is made by using spinach leaves, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and some plant-based protein powder one wants to have. One also has to add a lot of crushed almonds inside the shake. It is not only delicious but is also very high in different types of vitamins and minerals. One doesn't have to necessarily add milk inside the shake, as water can also do pretty well. It is a great idea to feed healthy food to kids in a delicious way.

* Chickpea Milk

Currently, there are a lot of dairy alternatives that are present in the market. Chickpea milk is one such vegan-friendly milk. To make chickpea milk, one has to soak some chickpeas overnight and then blend them in water with a pinch of salt. This mixture has to be drained with the help of a sieve, and all the solid parts have to be separated. The leftover liquid is extremely high in protein as well as fibre. This milk can be consumed at any point during the day and is great for health.

* Quinoa Shake

Quinoa is very high in fibre and extremely digestive. It is also one of the best natural sources of protein. To make this protein shake made from quinoa, one has to boil some quinoa in water until it becomes soft. Now, the mixture has to be blended with almond milk, one banana and some protein powder if one wants. For extra flavours, one can add some cinnamon powder as well as dry foods. It is a delicious shake that is also filled with different nutritional benefits.

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* Berry Smoothie 

A smoothie made from a mixture of frozen berries, spinach, almond milk, and some blended cottage cheese is just what one needs for that proper dose of nutrients. This is an extremely creamy and nutritious libation that has a significant amount of calcium, protein, and antioxidants, which makes it the perfect beverage for breakfast. It is also extremely delicious and very fulfilling.

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* Soya Milk Coffee

Soya milk is also an alternative to dairy and can be used for almost all the purposes that regular milk is used for. It is extremely high in protein ingredients that can be mixed with a shot of espresso and some cinnamon or cocoa powder for that extra flavour. It is a very creamy and satisfying beverage that all coffee lovers can have, and it is also healthier than regular coffee.

* Pumpkin Seed Milk

To make this delicious beverage, one has to blend some pumpkin seeds in the water with a pinch of sea salt and some dates. After making a fine paste, one has to strain the mixture to make it creamy and high in protein pumpkin milk. This protein milk derived from pumpkin seeds can be consumed on its own or by adding fruits like bananas, mangoes or different types of berries to make a nice smoothie. This is something different from regular milk and is also extremely healthy.

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* Hemp Seed Milk

Hemp Seed milk is made by blending some hemp seeds with water, vanilla extract, dates for sweetness, and some other ingredients for flavour one would like to add. It is mixed in a blender and then strained to get smooth and creamy hemp seed milk. This milk is very high in different types of essential nutrients and fatty acids. The best way to consume this milk is to directly have it on its own. Because of dates, it also has a very subtle sweetness, so one doesn't have to add any extra sugar.