Quick Tips To Amp Up Your Herb Butter Garlic Mushroom Recipe
Image Credit: Pexels.

Herb butter garlic mushrooms have become a favourite of many foodies who prefer making this simple dish for dinner or lunch and pair it along side the cheesiest of garlic bread or a steak of chicken. However, as the risk with comfort dishes stands, making herb butter garlic mushrooms over and over  using the same basic recipe, can become a tad boring. In order to keep eating and enjoying this delicious preparation, we propose some minor tweaks and tips : 

Add sun dried tomatoes and chicken stock

Sun dried tomatoes taste good in everything - from salads and pastas to pizzas and bruschettas. Adding sun dried tomatoes to your butter garlic mushrooms preparation, will lend it a saucy tomato flavour that’ll add to the depth of the flavour of this simple dish. The addition of chicken stock can also be substituted with vegetable stock for vegetarians. The stock lends a flavourful moisture to the dish and deglazes the brown bits in the pan. While adding tomatoes to any preparation, you might have the habit of stirring it often, but do remember that in this dish you need to be wary of over stirring the mushrooms. Let them sit in the pan and get golden until almost caramelised. This will help in bringing out the flavour of the dish. The added chicken stock and sun dried tomatoes to your butter garlic mushrooms will double the umami-ness of the dish. 

Give a complete flavour twist by adding soy sauce 

If you’re bored with eating the simple herb butter garlic mushrooms, throw in a burst of desi Chinese flavours by adding ingredients like soy sauce, red chilli sauce, green chilli, and vinegar. This will completely transform the dish and give it a flavour punch. It can be relished alongside simple fried rice or even sticky rice. The desi Chinese tadka to herb butter garlic mushroom makes the dish saucier and juicer. You could even add some spring onions at the top and if you like to eat a slightly sweeter version of this dish, feel free to add in some sugar.  

Add some cheese to your sauce 

There’s no better ingredient than cheese in the world. It makes every dish two times better than it already is. Adding cheddar cheese to your herb butter garlic mushroom preparation will make is cheesy and versatile. You will be able to use the cheesy butter garlic mushroom as a pasta sauce or to pour over some chicken steak too. If you’re wondering what cheese will go with cooking these mushrooms, you can use parmesan to give a strong cheesy flavour to the dish and cheddar to keep the flavour light. You could also use Grana Padano, Romano Cheese or Parmigiano Reggiano for a delicious creamy touch. 

These hacks are surely going to amp up your preparation and make it versatile as a dish that can be served for lunch or dinner. Pair your herb butter garlic mushroom with cheesy bread, fried rice, or chicken filet according to the ingredients chosen from the list above and enjoy!