Quick And Effective Ways To Clean Tea Strainer
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Let's be honest: drinking a hot cup of tea is one of life's most basic pleasures. Additionally, it might be multiplied by ten during the winter. The simplest operation in the kitchen is undoubtedly making a cup of tea, but you must measure the materials carefully. Above everything else, it must be flawlessly stretched. And you must have observed that the tea strainers are clogging up a lot of the time. Some tea dust tends to stick in the sieve despite frequent washing. And you finally throw the strainer away. Very relatable, no?  

Simply wash it

This is by far the best and most straightforward approach. If your tea strainer is brand-new or clean right now, you should use this technique frequently. After straining your tea, thoroughly rinse the strainer under warm or cold water. By doing this, you can avoid obtaining stains on your tea strainer and use the other cleaning techniques less frequently. The tea strainer develops stains after being left unwashed for several hours. As a result, your tea strainer is more difficult to clean and the stains become dried on the surface. Additionally, it could chemically react with metal strainers, so keep that in mind!

Use baking soda

Additionally, baking soda functions as a cleaning agent and is effective on a variety of surfaces. This technique works for cleaning both plastic and metal tea strainers. Baking soda and warm water should be combined to create a solution, which you should then submerge the strainer in for a few hours. Then, carefully brush it and give it a thorough cleaning. The most obvious stains should be removed at this point.

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Alcohol has remarkable abilities to remove grime and stains. Your tea strainer can be cleaned with alcohol. Simply combine the alcohol and water in a 1:4 ratio, submerging the tea strainer overnight. Next, thoroughly clean it with water. Most of the stains may be removed with this technique.

Note: You can also use the following alternative procedure if the stains are minor and light: First, use water to clean the strainer. After that, blot the stains with alcohol and let them sit for a few hours. You may then easily wash it off to get a nicer and cleaner strainer.