‘Puttu Breaks Relationships’ Goes Viral On Twitter, But Why?
Image Credit: Source: shylaja.viswanathan/Instagram

With a culinary culture as rich and diverse as India’s, we know we have a lot of options when it comes to breakfast. From north Indian chhole bhature to the south Indian dosa and idli, Indian cuisines are full of delectable options to relish. However, if we sort them in terms of nutrition and difficulty level in preparation, south Indian breakfast options are more favoured. From vadas and appams to delectable chutneys, south Indian food is all things delicious and lip-smacking. However, a child, whose response is making the rounds on the internet, seems to disagree on the same. Want to know why? Well, here’s your answer.

When asked about the ‘food you don’t like’ in a test, the kid answered that it is puttu that he hates. He begins his response with, “The food that I don’t like is puttu”. He goes ahead explaining where puttu is from and what it is basically. He then complains how the easy process to make puttu lets his mom make it for him every single morning. And there’s more - the real reason he dislikes puttu is the change in the texture of puttu with time. He goes on to explain that puttu loses its softness after five minutes, but his mother is not paying attention to his request for making something else for breakfast. Furthermore, the kid makes a hilarious remark, saying, “Puttu breaks relationships!”. Hilarious, isn’t it? While this tweet has gone viral among desi users, most of them could relate to the child’s experience and reminisce about similar experiences from their childhood days. Take a look at their comments:

“Can relate with seeing Puttu every 2 days coz my younger brother likes it.”

“Well, I totally understand. I actually rebelled and won the battle too., “

“I agree. Puttu needs to go.”

“Poor Puttu I could see that the teacher has corrected the spelling of Puttu, but wondering why she hasn't corrected the spelling of "Kerela"

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