Puri Upma And More: Exploring 8 Famous Foods Of Berhampur
Image Credit: Puri upma | Instagram - @freesoulfoodies

Called the Silk City of Odisha, Berhampur is a food lover’s heaven. The state of Odisha has a lit food scene and Berhampur stands out and the flag-bearer in having the best street food. There are several khao gali, or food hotspots, throughout the city and right from breakfast to dinner, you can enjoy a variety of dishes from both street vendors and cafes. A one-hour ride from the beautiful Gopalpur Beach, this city will surely impress you with the sheer variety of foods that it has to offer.

Here are 7 foods that you must try when you visit Berhampur.

Puri Upma

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What sounds like an unusual food combination is actually Berhampur’s most popular breakfast delicacy. There are long lines outside of multiple tiffin stores early in the morning to buy puri upma, especially near the railway station. Hot puris are served with upma, ghughni and sambar, along with creamy coconut chutney. This hatke breakfast is a must-try Berhampur special delight.

Chicken Pakora 

Crispy, delicious chicken pakoras are one of the most popular evening snacks relished in Berhampur. Known for its lively street food scene, Berhampur food stalls are filled with chicken pakoras with mint chutney. If you love non-vegetarian snacks, visiting Berhampur is the perfect opportunity for you to try out this delicacy.

Ghughni Chaat

Another very popular street food in Berhampur is chaat. A variety of chaat options are available with street vendors and the most famous and loved out of all is the ghughni chaat. Made with dried yellow matar, dahi, roasted cumin-coriander powder and different tangy chutneys, make your evenings in Berhampur spicy with this chaat.


A very popular food of Berhampur is badi. Made with pulses, badi is sun-dried and added into a variety of foods including chorchori, dal, bhaja and different sabjis. Different types of badi include phula badi, kakharu badi, phula badi and lia badi. The crunch of badi makes any and every dish more delicious and interesting.


Indian cuisine across the country is as varied as it is similar. This Odia version of puranpoli is very popular in the entire Ganjam area, especially Berhampur. A sweet, lentil and jaggery mixture is filled in dough and then flattened like a paratha using the rolling pin to make abatulu. It is a festive snack and very popular around Diwali or holi. Here is an authentic recipe in Odia language.

Recipe - roshniscuisine

Mitha Singhara

In this sweet version of the classic samosa, the spicy potato filling is replaced with sugar, jaggery, khoya and dry fruits to make what is called mitha samosa. It is also drenched in thick sugar syrup to make it extra indulgent.  A deep-fried delight, mitha samosa is a very filling dessert and you should remember to have a lighter meal to fully enjoy a big, sweet samosa to your heart’s content.

Kaju Lassi

Lassi is a popular drink all around Odisha and people are known to enjoy flavoured lassis. In Berhampur, the most popular choice seems to be the rich, creamy and wonderful – kaju lassi. Made with dahi, kaju, malai and coconut, this lassi doesn’t just cool you down, it also fills up your stomach. You can also try mango or rose lassi for variation.


This Odisha special palm jaggery is something that is a must-try. The sarabat of nabata will cool your mind and body immediately and is very popular in Berhampur. Nabat is commonly found in the markets of the city, and it is made up of jaggery and sugar. It is used to make refreshing mocktails in summer as well as for making drinks during celebrations and for festive meals.