Pune Now Has Some Amazing Asian Grill Delicacies
Image Credit: Wood Fire Asian grill menu, Westin Pune

Grills are always a much healthy way to have a dish and also the fact that grills have been one of the most sought after cooking technique in our country which literally vouch on it’s kebabs and tandoors. Keeping up with the concept of grills and more  The Market – an innovative restaurant that stays true to Westin's Eat Well philosophy at The Westin Pune has a launched an all new Asian Grill menu. Each live kitchen has a unique identity and dining zone within the outlet's modern design, offering dishes made with self-grown herbs and microgreens.

To showcase the Asian culinary skills, Chef Vikram Khatri has created a new limited edition Asian Grill menu prepared in the wood fire oven. The menu makes optimum use of the freshest and the best seasonal produce, to plate deliciously warm delicacies that aren’t fried, yet exude a fascinating woody aroma. The menu is filled with nourishing and dynamic platters that everyone can gladly take part in by the alfresco area that provides a serene view of the river, especially during the chillness of cold winters. So, just like the Japanese say Itadakimasu! 

In his words he says ““I’m ecstatic to be able to cook and serve the cuisine I'm passionate about, especially since Asian food has such a dynamic and versatile flavour to it. Since guests are always on the lookout for experiential food post the pandemic, I can’t wait to get started with the launch of the new innovative menu that’s sure to make every patron fall in love with this new take on Asian cuisine."

The wood oven at The Market is styled after Nobu London and Nobu Melbourne’s wood oven, the Wood Fire Oven is the most unique kitchen equipment for a contemporary Asian restaurant, in today’s gourmet times.

Chef has also shared the recipe of his favourite Wood Fired Corn Fed Chicken

Preparation Time: 40 mins, Cooking Time: 20 mins


    250 Gms Chicken Breast with Skin

    1 Inch Ginger Julienne 

    25 Gms    Spring Onion

    1 Tsp Sesame Oil

    1 Tsp Light Soy

    1/4 Tsp    Salt

    1/4 Tsp    Pepper


    2 Nos Baby Turnip

    50 Gms    Spinach

    25 Gms    Snow Peas

    8 Nos Asparagus

    6 Nos Baby Carrot

Hainan Sauce

    1 No Light Soy

    1 No Ginger

    1 No Coriander

    1 No Chili

    150 Gms Garlic

    25 Gms     Corn Flour

    1/4 Tsp    Salt

    1/4 Tsp    Pepper

    250 Gms Butter


Marinate the chicken and steam for 10 minutes, take out and keep it to rest.

Peel and prep the vegetables. Blanch each vegetable for 30 to 45 Secs. Sautee in butter and add salt & Pepper according to taste.

For the Hainan Sauce, sautee the Ginger & Garlic with butter. Add the other ingredients and stock. Bring to a boil and add corn flour slurry to thicken into a sauce.

The steamed chicken, to be put in a pre-heated oven at 180degree Celsius, for 7 to 8 mins. 

To assemble, on a plate place the sautéed vegetables as a base, the baked Chicken to be placed on top of the vegetables, drizzle with sauce & garnish with Cilantro sprigs. Serve hot.