Puffed Paddy Ladoo: Palatable Jaggery-Infused Bites
Image Credit: Puffed ladoos

The Puffed Paddy-based ladoos are the nation's most popular dessert that never fails to steal the hearts. These Ladoos are especially prepared on the auspicious occasion Krishna Janmashtami. They are also happily shared and enjoyed during Lohri and Makar Sankranti festivities as they mark the winter harvest in India. They are widely consumed during the 9-day long Navratri fast. They are packed with distinct textures as well as flavours. The classic Indian dessert is great to serve the surprise guests or for celebration feasts too. Kids too love the sweet dish. It is an uncomplicated treat that requires minimum ingredients. 

These crispy Puffed Paddy ladoos are cooked with molten jaggery and puffed paddy powder along with sesame seeds, peanuts, sev, cardamom powder and ghee. First, the paddy is powdered finely and roasted sesame seeds and peanuts are added. As soon as the hot jaggery syrup is combined with the mixture, the ladoos need to be instantly moulded while warm as the syrup will crystallise upon cooling down. The dish is prepared without sugar and is gluten-free and vegan.


Puffed paddy rice and jaggery is traditionally offered to Hindu Gods and Goddesses in all poojas across India. According to the saints, the lord adores pori, hence it must always be served to him. The ritual started ages ago when people used to present a part of their harvest to the god.

These ladoos are a winter special treat as they keep one warm. Puffed paddy rice is a type of puffed grain, made from rice commonly used in breakfast cereal or snack foods, and also served as Bhel, a famous street food in India. It is healthier and denser than the regular white rice. It is a staple food in Odisha and West Bengal. Puffed Paddy is also known as parmal, puri, pori, mudhi, murmura in Hindi and Kadle Puri in Kannada.  

Prep time:10 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Serves: 15 Ladoos 


    3 cups puffed paddy rice (aralu)

    ¼ cup black sesame seeds

    ¼ cup peanuts

    ¼ cup thick sev (optional)

    2 tablespoon ghee, or as per taste

    ½ cardamom powder

    1.25 cup jaggery

    ¼ cup water


    Take a mixer-grinder, and add puffed paddy (aralu). Grind well to form a fine powder.

    Transfer the finely powdered puffed paddy to a large mixing bowl.

    In a heated saucepan, roast some black sesame seeds. Transfer it to the same bowl consisting of puffed paddy.

    Now, roast some peanuts in the same pan over medium flame. Peel off the skin and move to the mixing bowl.

    Also add thick sev to the mixture. Add ghee and cardamom powder. Mix thoroughly.

    Now, heat  a pan and add jaggery along with water. Allow the jaggery to dissolve. Cook over medium heat while stirring. 

    Bring the jaggery syrup to a boil. Check the consistency. If a soft ball is formed, the syrup is perfect. Turn off the flame and remove. 

    Combine it with other ingredients in the mixing bowl. Mix thoroughly to form the laddu mixture.

    Now, grease some ghee on your hands. Take small portions and form medium-sized balls.

    Prepare ladoos from all of the mixture.

    Serve with hot masala tea.

    Store the remaining Ladoos in an airtight container.

Relish the divine delicacy, puffed paddy ladoos that are healthy as well.