Pro Tip: Add Cardamom To Your Dishes This Way

Cardamom, commonly referred to as elaichi in popular culture, is a tantalizing spice that adds flavour to practically everything and has a wonderful aroma. Any dish or dessert you can imagine would be improved by the vivid green pods with black pearls. Furthermore, it has a tons of other health advantages. Cardamom is an excellent choice for treating respiratory illnesses, according to the book Healing Foods by DK Publishing, since it contains cineol, a volatile oil component that may help loosen up chest congestion. Also, it functions well as a diuretic and digestive stimulant. You must incorporate it into your regular diet due to the numerous advantages and flavorful aromas it delivers. 

You can incorporate cardamom into your diet in the following creative ways. 

Add To Teas: Cardamom can be added to any tea, whether it is milk masala tea, green tea, or black tea. A tea enthusiast wouldn't want to skip it because it not only gives the tea flavour but also a refreshing lift. Simply put the tea pods in the tea and enjoy it whenever you like. 

Add To Desserts: Whether it be in the form of phirni, malpua, rasmalai, gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun, or rabdi, practically all Indian desserts contain a faint cardamom flavour that lends them a unique flavour. Adding cardamom to these sweet treats will help you feel less guilty. 

Add To Savoury Dishes: Cardamom can be added to savoury foods like zafrani pulao, taheri, biryani, chicken and mutton curries, tandoori dishes, and curries. Cardamom gives the dish an appealing flavour and some health advantages. 

As A Mouthfreshner: Cardamom can be consumed in its natural form, which not only tastes fantastic but also acts as a mouth refresher. You can utilise the aromatic, sweet flavour of cardamom to freshen your breath. Thus to ensure a healthy and fresh breath, keep cardamom pods close at hand wherever you go. To enhance the flavour, you can also add a few saunf or fennel seed pods. 

As Sprinkler In Powder Form: Freshly ground cardamom may give a typical fruit salad a pleasantly acidic kick, according to the book Healing Foods. To get a distinctive flavour you'll appreciate, crush the cardamom or combine it into a fine powder and sprinkle it on your salads. 

In Beverages: Cardamom can enhance the flavour of thandai and almond milk. In fact, you may also add a tiny bit of cardamom powder to mulled wine. Prepare your drinks how you please. 

As A Spice: If you do not enjoy the taste of ground cardamom in your mouth, simply combine it with other ground spices to make garam masala. You can enjoy wonderful flavours and all the advantages of cardamom in this method. 

In Baking: Infused with toasty flavours as it bakes in the oven, cardamom biscuits are a crunchy pleasure. These biscuits are easy to make and worth trying. You can even add it your baked dishes.