Priyanka Chopra’s LA Wali Diwali Was All About Indian Snacks
Image Credit: Priyanka Chopra/Instagram, The actor enjoyed Diwali with these Indian bites.

Although Priyanka Chopra is now more of a global icon than just an Indian actor, the ‘desi girl’ is still deeply connected to her roots and her foodie side is proof of the same. On the occasion of Diwali, Priyanka got together with her husband, American singer-songwriter Nick Jonas, daughter and mother to celebrate the festival. While everyone in the family donned an ethnic attire, it was her food platter that won our heart.

Priyanka shared a late post of her Diwali celebrations in their Los Angeles home on her Instagram handle and it featured pictures of the family doing puja and enjoying themselves. Amid all that, we saw a silver snack holder with Indian foods.

The snacks included desi bites like dhokla, patrode, and fried potato cutlets. Dhokla, for the unversed, is a square-shaped sweet and sour Gujarati snack while patrode are deep-fried bundles of colocasia leaves that have been flavoured with a host of spices and are popular across Himachal Pradesh. This unique combination of a variety of Indian snacks are evidence of the fact that Priyanka is still a desi foodie.

Moreover, her restaurant, Sona, in NYC is another proof of her love for Indian food. A while back, she shared some behind the scenes from the kitchens of her restaurant and we were amazed at the way butter chicken, chaat and other Indian delicacies are being re-imagined and served to the world. Earlier, Priyanka was craving Indian snacks and was missing home when Boney Kapoor and his daughter, Khushi Kapoor, sent over some desi namkeen packets to the actor. These included chivda, khakhra, bhujiya, and more.

In fact, the fun part was that she discovered the Kenyan counterpart of chivda on her trip to the African nation. While it was slightly different from desi chivda, it was quite close to the Indian namkeen like sev and her happiness knew no bounds at that discovery.