South Indian cuisine is an underrated cusine which brings a whole lot of diversity on the table. For most of us, it is limited to idli, sambar, dosa and banana chips, and discovering south Indian cuisine beyond it could not just be surprising but therapeutic too! From the spicy flavours of Kerala to comforting snacks of Tamil Nadu, there is just so much to explore within the cuisine.  

Not just for lunch, dinner or breakfast, south Indian cuisine also offers a range of lip-smacking sacks that are perfect for all occasions. Be it a rainy day during the monsoon season or just your hunger pangs kicking-in between work or a small get-together at home, it has got a snack for all of those times! 

Here are 7 south Indian snacks, beyond murukku or banana chips, that you must not miss! 

1. Pazham Pori 

A staple monsoon snack down south, pazham pori are crispy banana fritters with sweet succulent pieces of ripe banana tucked inside a deep-fried layer of rice flour and maida batter. You can pair these with your choice of chutney or enjoy as is 


2. Lukhmi 

You may call it the Hyderabadi cousin of Samosa, Lukhmi is a square-shaped, bite-sized parcels that are deep-fried and generally packed with minced meat, but you can always experiment with vegetarian stuffing. The name is inspired by Urdu word which translated to 'morsel'.  

3. Sundal 

A stroll across a beach in Chennai isn’t complete without some Sundal! A departure from all the fried and greasy snacks, sundal is actually just chickpeas sautéed with shredded coconut, tossed along with a host of spices and curry leaves. It is served inside paper cones and goes best with piping hot filter coffee!  

4. Chukkappam 

Often served with chicken fry, chukkappam is a fried, crunchy, button-shaped snack from Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu which is tough to find anywhere else even in south! Made with a spicy dough of coconut milk and a mélange of spices including garam masala, chili powder, fennel powder and curry leaves, this is an irresistible treat when served with chicken fry!  

5. Churumuri 

A south Indian version of bhel puri, churu muri is a hot favourite on the streets of Mysore. While it can be called a version of bhel puri but it differs in terms of ingredients and churu muri doesn’t involve any sauces or chutney!


6. Omapodi 

A perfect snack to pack for a road trip, omapodi is basically the popular sev namkeen with the only difference lies in the use of spices. While omapodi uses omam (also known as ajwain) in its recipe, while sev is usually made without any spices. You can always top this noodle-like snack with chutneys to make a tantalising chaat! 

7. Sukhiyan 

A gem from the state of Kerala, sukhiya, also known as sugiyan, is a traditional snack that is often prepared on special occasions and festivals. Packed with the goodness of moong dal, coconut, jaggery and flour, this deep-fried fritter has a subtle sweet taste that is hard to resist! 

Do you know more such unexplored snacks from South India? Let us know!