Priyanka Chopra’s Daughter Malti Loves This Asian Street Food
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

Let’s just agree that momos have a huge fan-following not just in the north east but all over India. It is one street-side north eastern snack that none of us can resist after just one bite. Its soft texture, juicy stuffing, and the spicy red chutney paired with it makes us drool every time. No wonder it made it to the list of ‘50 Best Street Foods Of Asia’ by CNN in 2022. Be it the classic chicken steamed momos, crispy fried ones, or the tantalising and extravagant tandoori gravy ones, every momo is equally delicious. Momos is one that has impressed people across age groups, and it seems like it has a new celebrity fan! Can you guess who? None other than Priyanka Chopra's daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas! Almost a year old now, Malti seems to have a liking for momos as her mother, Priyanka recently revealed on Instagram.  

In her latest Instagram Stories, Chopra gave a glimpse of her homely meal with Malti, as she shared a picture with Malti in her arms outside a Korean restaurant in LA. She thanked a friend for lumch in her caption. In the next picture, we could see a glimpse of Malti holding a momo in her hand and munching on it. Besides the momos, we can see a bowl of sticky rice, some fish, and other scrumptious dishes on the table. The picture was originally shared by PeeCee’s friend, and reshared by her. “Lol she loves (an emoji of momos), what's not to love,” Priyanka wrote on the picture. Take a look at what she shared: 

We are absolutely loving the newest addition to our momo fan club! Isn’t it? The dumpling delight truly has everyone drooling on it, and if Maltie has made you crave momos, we’ve got you sorted. Click here for a fool-proof recipe of momos right here. And if you need variety, we’ve got 7 different types of momos that are worth trying. Click here