7 Types Of Momos That Are Worth Trying
Image Credit: Momos/ Unsplash.com

Are you a momo fan too, like every other foodie? Imagine a plate of hot steaming momos served with spicey red chutney! Couldn't stop yourself from drooling right? Momos are small dumplings that are made by stuffing a filling in the dough. Traditionally momos are steamed nowadays they are served fried, grilled, and tandoor cooked. The filling inside the momos is usually juicy and succulent because of the steam they are cooked in. Momos are widely popular in North India but people's love for them is reflected throughout the country. Momos come in various styles and types but the way they hit our taste buds is unmatchable! There may be a lot of comfort food but the soothing and satiating experience that momos provide is something heavenly!

Here are some types of momos that you may eat to curb those hunger pangs-

Tandoori Momos

Love Indian cuisine? Then you'll undoubtedly fall in love with this momo variant! The best fusion momo to date is a smoky momo marinated in all the Indian tandoori spices and tossed with a little cream. Tandoori Momos deliver a rush of flavours and are frequently served with red chilli chutney and mayonnaise. The momos have a smokey and little burnt flavour that tastes delicious with cream it is mixed with. You can also serve it with green chutney to amp up the flavours.

Afghani Momos

Afghani momos are the type of tandoori momos that are sweeter and creamier. These momos are smokey but not particularly fiery. Afghani momos are often served coated or dipped in the classic Afghani gravy. Afghani momos are creamier than the tandoori ones. They also have a milder flavour that is sweet and a little spicy on the taste buds. While mixing the momos with Afghani gravy, you may also add some capsicums to it for an enhanced texture.

Jhol Momos

A speciality of Nepal, steamed Jhol momos are eaten in soup and are currently fairly popular in India. During the chilly winter nights, a bowl of Jhol momos will warm your heart and belly and it will quickly become your favourite comfort meal. Imagine a bowl of warm soup and momos served together on a gloomy chilly night! The momos are succulent and absorbed in the soup's flavour, and taste amazingly delicious. 

Kothey momos/ Instagram- myhungerrdiaries

This kind of momos is sure to become a favourite because of the gooey cheese in the centre. You may also get the ideal cheese pull by slicing the momos in half. The cheese sauce is usually served alongside these Cheese Momos. These momos are a dream come true for all those who love cheese and pizza. The inside is stuffed with veggies, pizza and cheese that is a package of all the delicacies.

Chocolate Momos

Get a box of chocolate momos for a satisfying result. Though the combination may seem absurd, it actually tastes pretty good. For all chocolate fans, fried momos dripping with chocolate sauce are truly bliss on earth. This trend went viral on Instagram and now people have gone crazy for these delicious sweet and savoury momos.