Priyanka Chopra Is Drooling Over This Rice Bowl, Recipe Inside
Image Credit: Image: Instagram/Shutterstock

No matter how lavish your favourite dish is, most of us often find comfort in wholesome rice bowls. Isn’t that true? Be it biryani or khichdi in India or your Asian rice bowls full of soupy broth and veggies or meat. Speaking of which, chicken and rice is quite a combination, and it seems like global icon and actor Priyanka Chopra also agrees. While you may have had it in biryanis and pulaos, PeeCee is drooling over an Asian-style rice bowl featuring oodles of spices, herbs, veggies, rice, and chicken. How do we know? Priyanka, who also owns a restaurant in New York, took to Instagram to showcase the making of a rice bowl.  

Sharing the reel on her Instagram handle, PeeCee tagged two chefs who, perhaps, made the dish and shared the video. In the video, we could see the coming together of fried chicken, steamed broccoli besides other fresh veggies, rice, hot sauces, herbs, and onion. Take a look: 

“Yummm”, she wrote on the video. “Salt Fat Acid Heat Crunch Funk Sweet Spice Texture Freshness - all of it”, the caption of the post read, describing the flavour and feel of the rice bowl. It further described the ingredients that went into the making.   

The crispy chicken bowl also came with a cabbage slaw and a dressing of Spanish cheese, called Manchego and anchovy. Besides these, the bowl featured fermented garlic stems, pickled onion, steamed broccoli, and crispy sweet potatoes, along with prawn toasts, homemade spicy chile relish, hot sauce, herbs, and crispy onions. That sure looks like a meal worth trying, doesn’t it? Not only is it a protein-rich meal but also has several other nutrients without compromising the taste. That cheese and anchovy dressing is unmissable. 

If Priyanka’s post has made you hungry and craving a rice bowl, we’ve got an easy-peasy recipe right here for you. Our rice bowl with chicken breast marinated in spices, cooked in butter, and served on a bed of garlic butter rice is a must-try. The rice is cooked with Italian seasoning, and is accompanied by stir fried veggies in white sauce and boiled egg. Isn’t that what a wholesome meal sounds like? Click here for the full recipe. Try it at home and share your experience with us.