Priyanka Chopra Sparks 90s Nostalgia With Her Uncle Chipps Story

We all have our go-to snacks that can brighten up any day and for many people who grew up in the 90s in India, that snack is Uncle Chipps. The crinkled potato chips have become synonymous with nostalgia, comfort, and the joy of snacking. And it seems like even Priyanka Chopra Jonas isn’t immune to the charms of the classic Spicy Treat, and she has awoken a wave of nostalgia with her recent Instagram story which shows the iconic green packet along with a caption of their catchphrase “Bole Mera Lips…I Love Uncle Chipps!”

Although it’s been years since most of us have heard their catchy jingle, we bet it’s playing in the minds of every person who caught her story. Uncle Chipps is a brand that has been cherished by generations since its introduction in India in 1992. With its distinct lime green colour package and the friendly face of "Uncle Chipps," the brand has captured the attention and taste buds of millions across the country.

What sets Uncle Chipps apart is not just its crispy texture and delicious flavour but also the emotional connection it evokes. For many kids, Uncle Chipps represents a slice of childhood memories and carefree moments spent with friends and family. Though they have innovated on many new flavours, it’s always been the iconic ‘Spicy Treat’ flavour with its slightly chatpata tang that keeps people coming back for more. 

Though Priyanka Chopra has made an international career and spends a lot of time in the US, she’s always open about the fact that she’s a desi girl at heart and her go-to comfort foods are rotis, biryani and all things homely. Whenever she returns to India, she’s sure to be seen gorging on home food and street snacks and has even taken a bit of India to NYC in the form of her restaurant Sona. And it seems like yet again, no matter how far she’s travelled, the taste of home is what really captures her heart.