Preity Zinta’s Jalebi-Rabri Indulgence Is A Match Made In Heaven

Like any other Indian living abroad and missing home food, Preity Zinta also relates to the emotions of not having access to desi khaana at all times. However, this also means that her appreciation for delicious Indian preparations is magnified as and when she has an opportunity to indulge. In her recent post on social media, the actress was seen sharing a picture of her dessert indulgence – the classic combination of crispy jalebis and rabri. While Preity posed for the camera with the jalebi in one of the photographs, she also shared her serving of the lip-smacking desserts with her fans.

The rabri, garnished with saffron and dry fruits, looked ready to be relished with the crisp, syrupy jalebis sitting close. Using a pun to caption her post, she said, “Rab ne bana di jalebi baby.” The actress, whose previous binges have ranged from dahi puri to Konkan fish curry, has managed to find spots in her current city of residence – LA – where she can find the closest, most authentic versions of her favourite foods from India. Her love for home-cooked food extends to dal-chawal-bhindi, something that she has confessed to be her favourite meal.

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Although she doesn’t follow any specific diet and eats pretty much what she wants, the actress and entrepreneur is disciplined about her workouts. Besides Indian food, her love for Chinese and Italian food is also well-known. Preity, who has also previously claimed to make the best pasta dish at home for her kids, enjoys revisiting her favourite spots to enjoy meals, whenever she’s back home in Mumbai. From chhole-bhature, to pav bhaji, pani puri and even appams with curry, the actress surely knows what makes her palate happy! Tell us what your favourite Indian sweets are in the comments, and where to enjoy them in your city.