Preity Zinta Relishes Jalebi-Rabri On Sets Of New Film

Off late, Preity has been keeping busy with the IPL season as well as as some on-set fun in her comeback film with Sunny Deol. The actress, who always makes time to indulge in her favourite treats, shares glimpses of her meals from time to time to let fans know what’s getting her tastebuds tingling. Following her tryst with a veggie-loaded pizza in Dharamkot, Preity went on to share what she labels ‘the sweetest way to survive late night shoots’ – with a picture of some rabri and a freshly fried jalebi on top.

Nestling in a bed of creamy, slow-cooked rabri, the golden-brown jalebi combo was relished by the actress while on set and not known to shy away from giving in to her sweet tooth. Known to be one of Preity’s go-to dessert choices on her cheat days, the actress also enjoys her street food favourites of chhole-bhature, pani puri and pav bhaji from time to time. While cooking for her children in the family’s LA home is something that she finds herself doing quite often, her passion for good Italian food extends to a pasta dish that she confesses to being a family favourite.

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Typically, the travel bug in Preity also doubles up as a foodie while visiting various countries or cities, allowing her to sample delicacies that each of these destinations are famous for. However, no matter where she is in the world, desi khaana always takes centre stage and provides comfort in the form of dishes like maa ki dal, chana masala and moong dal halwa. Preity – whose penchant for finding the most decadent sugary treats is also the reason she is an expert in finding quick fixes for her cravings for desserts like chocolate cake and berry-loaded pastries.