Prairie Oyster is a unique cocktail blended using a raw egg, Worcestershire sauce, salt, ground black pepper and a dash of hot sauce. Sometimes tomato juice is mixed with the other ingredients, making this drink reminiscent of a bloody Mary. Everything about this cocktail is enough to blow our minds, from its taste, flavours to the technique of blending. Since it was invented, the drink has received lots of love, admiration and praise from famous personalities. Another gripping feature of this cocktail is that the concoction has been a traditional cure for hangovers since ancient times.

How did this cocktail get to be known by such a peculiar name?

The drink is probably named after the unique style of blending it. The egg is generally cracked directly into a filled glass not to break the yolk. Once the drink is ready, the mixture is quickly swallowed without stirring it. The unbroken yolk causes the drink to look like an oyster.

Is it true that a glass of Prairie oyster helps cure a hangover?

We know that you might be thinking about how a cocktail itself can help cure a hangover. Sounds contradictory, right? However, despite popular opinion, there is no legitimate evidence that the drink acts as a hangover remedy. Even though it is considered a traditional hangover remedy, it has not been scientifically proven to treat hangover symptoms. It has been suggested that people believe that a raw egg may alleviate the symptoms of a hangover since eggs contain cysteine. Scientifically, cysteine is an amino acid that helps the body break down acetaldehyde, a by-product of processing alcohol. However, on the contrary, there is no reliable evidence showing that consuming foods with this amino acid relieves hangover symptoms either. While the truth can be that prairie oysters may seem to alleviate hangover symptoms by acting as a distraction and a placebo.

If you are an egg lover, this drink is sure to become your favourite. Click here to learn the steps of carefully blending it at home.