Potatoes Varieties You Should Learn About

Our kitchen is incomplete without potatoes. We bake it, chop it, boil it and even mash it. Potatoes can be incorporated into every single dish; you just name it. Not just savoury, potatoes also make some amazing desserts, and we can realize how versatile this tuber is. What picture comes to your mind when you think of potatoes? A tuber with a brown skin and whiter inside, right? But potatoes not just have one but so many other types.  

If some experts are to be believed, there are 4000 varieties if potatoes grown all over the world. And the most interesting part it, all these types have a unique colour, texture and cooking uses. Let us know about some of the lesser-known potato types. 

Russet Potatoes 

Also known as bakers, Idaho or Burbank, these potatoes grow in US and are what how the ‘potatoes’ in general look like. They have a mildly rough brown-greyish skin and when cooked, its flesh fluffy and light while its skin becomes chewy. It could be used in mashing, baking as well as roasting.  

Sweet Potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are not new to us. This variety may be categorized as potatoes but if some studies are to be believed, these are NOT potatoes. While potatoes are tubers, sweet potatoes are believed to be a root vegetable. Having a reddish orange skin, this vegetable has a bright orange coloured interior and is sweet. Thus, it could be used in sweet as well as savoury dishes. 

Fingerling Potatoes 

These potatoes are in a shape of large finger and range between two to four inches. They come in different colours like yellow, red, white and purple. The skin of these potatoes is reddish duet and thin as compared to other potatoes. Also known as redskin or red bless, these potatoes have a bright white interior and used in salads as well as soups.  

Purple Potatoes 

Purple potatoes have a dark skin with flesh lavender coloured. Thanks to their high pigmentation, these potatoes are extremely healthy and high in vitamins. The interior of these potatoes is floury and starchy. It could be used for boiling, roasting as well as baking. 

Petite Potatoes 

Also known as baby potatoes or creamers, these potatoes are not basically a potato type with a general classification of sizes. Any potato type could be ‘petite potato’ if it doesn’t grow and remains to be small. These potatoes are used best when boiled, steamed and roasted.

What say? How many of these potato varieties have you tried before? Do let us know!