Old Delhi is all about India's rich heritage and food. It is one of the favourite tourist spots that have art and culture in its atmosphere. As you'll take turns in the narrow to wide streets, you'll be welcomed with different aromas each time. Every dish that you will find here has a story to tell, and every flavour is authentic. Let us mention some of the delicacies you can try when in old Delhi.


Come out of the glass doors of lavish restaurants down to the stairs of Jama Masjid to provide your mouth the pleasure of the supreme biryanis and other non-vegetarian dishes that, thanks to a rich history of Mughals, this place specializes in.

Daulat ki Chaat

The inherent music that resides in the air, formed by tourists talking and passing of rickshaws is heightened as you relish a spoon of Daulat ki Chaat. Everything seems to dissolve, and sweetness is left in your mouth and mind when you relish this dish. For anyone reading about it for the first time, daulat ki chaat is made with churned milk and is different from an ordinary chaat, not to mention very aesthetically appealing.

Dahi Bhalla

Dahi bhalla of Old Delhi is something you must have after you've been tired of exploring the markets all day. Famous places like Natraj at Chandini Chowk have just two items, dahi bhalla and aloo tikki.


Don't miss on this sweet little day maker. There are famous shops for it in the market and jalebis from here are definitely worth a try.