4 Types Of Pooris You Can Make This Sunday
Image Credit: Types Of Pooris

We have a 'poori lover' in almost every home! Do you know that different types of pooris are made in every state? The Indian cuisine owns a host of bread that you can pair with achar, chatpate chole and aloo ki sabzi. One can never get enough of them, from Mughlai-special rumali roti to naans, parathas, and tawa roti. If you are a fan of scrumptious treats, then deep-fried pooris are the perfect delight for you. By the way, it is effortless to make 'poori'. You can fry the poori by putting oil in the pan, but the essential part is knead the dough and stuff it. The ingredients used on the poori makes it unique and different. Here are some of the most famous pooris of India.

Methi Bajra Poori 

Methi Bajra Poori is primarily eaten in winter. After chopping methi finely in millet flour, add salt and other spices. Whenever you knead the flour with fenugreek, keep it covered for some time; otherwise, it will not be soft. While kneading the dough, you must add one teaspoon of oil to it. 

Bhedawi Poori

It is easy to make Bhedawi Poori, which is spiced with urad dal. To make it, you need chopped coriander, red chilli powder, fennel seeds, black pepper, salt and oil. First, add a little coarsely grounded urad dal to wheat flour, add a spoon of oil, and knead it well. Then, deep fry it in oil.

Beetroot Chana Dal Poori

Boil chana dal and beetroot in water. Now knead it by adding it to wheat flour and semolina; for this, you do not need much water; it will be kneaded in beet and lentils. You can add finely chopped salt and green chilli into it. 

Crispy Masala Poori

You can easily make crispy masala poori at home. To make it, you need wheat, chilli, turmeric, parsley, salt and oil:

  1. Knead the dough by putting all these in a bowl.
  2. Cover it with a cloth.
  3. After 10 minutes, make it finely rolled, and it will be completely crispy.

You can also eat it with tea in the evening.