Chef Arabinda Seth Shares His 2 Recipes For Bengali New Year
Image Credit: Bhetki pesto paturi, Fairfield by Marriott, Kolkata

Poila Baisakh is the Bengali New Year in the simplest terms according to the Bengali calendar; however, it encompasses far more than this. It's a profoundly ingrained sentiment, and the celebration of it is steeped in traditions. About a month in advance, the people of West Bengal start preparing for this day to celebrate a fresh start. The cuisine of Bengal is often regarded as among the world's finest. Poila Baisakh, of course, is an occasion best celebrated with authentic Bengali culinary delights. But Arabinda Seth, the Executive Chef at the Fairfield by Marriott, Kolkata, tries to come up with something a bit different. Using his creative mind, he has come up with two Bengali recipes with a westernized twist.

Coriander pesto bhetki paturi

Any Bengali goes gaga over paturi. This iconic dish is traditionally made with a choice of fish, prawns, meat and also vegetables and has a base of mustard paste, coconut, and poppy seeds paste. But, this Bengali New Year, give your taste buds a twist in the flavour with coriander and pesto-based paturi.

Pesto paturi, Image By: Fairfield by Marriott, Kolkata 


For Paturi

  • Baby bhekti whole 180 grams
  • Yellow mustard seeds 30 grams
  • Black Mustard seeds 30 grams
  • Green chilli 10  grams
  • Black onion seeds 2 grams
  • Natural yoghurt 30 grams
  • Turmeric powder 5 grams
  • Salt 10 gram
  • Banana leaf 1
  • For coriander pesto
  • Coriander leaves
  • Pine nut
  • Garlic


For pesto

  • Make a paste for pesto with the ingredients mentioned above

For bhekti paturi

  • Soak the mustard seeds and green chilli in water for about 20 minutes—strain the water and paste the seeds.
  • Mix the paste with onion seed, turmeric, salt
  • Mix the mustard paste and pesto together
  • Marinate the bhekti with the mixture and keep aside for 30 minutes.
  • Lightly heat the banana leaf on an open flame (this makes it soft and pliable), put the marinated fish on top, and wrap it.
  • Steam for 10 minutes.
  • Serve with steamed brown rice or basmati rice!

Baked chingri malai curry

Bengali dish chingri malai curry needs no introduction. It is one of the most raved recipes known for its creamy taste and texture and the melt-in-the-mouth chingri or prawn. This baked version is a slightly westernized take on it, proving how versatile it can be. The baking lends it a unique flavour.

Baked chingri malai curry, Image By: Fairfield by Marriott, Kolkata 


  • Prawn 8/10 - 220 grams
  • Ghee 30 gram
  • Turmeric powder 10 gram
  • Bay leaf 1
  • For malai curry gravy
  • White onion 200 grams
  • Cashewnut 50 gram
  • Poppy seeds 30 gram
  • Green cardamom 2 gram
  • Green chilli 4 no


  • Boil the white onion with cashew nut, poppy seeds, green chilli and green cardamom. When they are appropriately boiled, drain the water. And make a paste of it.
  • In a pot, heat ghee, add bay leaf, pour the paste and simmer it until green comes out from the gravy.
  • Put ghee in another pan; once it heats up, blend in the prawns, and season it with salt and turmeric powder.
  • Sauté the prawn for some time and add the gravy to it
  • Take a plate, arrange the herb rice on it and place the prawn in the middle of the rice. Pour some sauce on it and bake it for 3 minutes
  • Pour the rest of the gravy on the side and serve it hot!