Planning A Themed Party? Make Desserts Starting With Letter “V”

If you are someone who has to live by a strict 9 to 5 pattern, don’t let your weekends fly by while you sit in your bed. The best way to add some fun and creativity to your life is by inviting your friends over and throwing a themed party. Not only will the house party help you be with your friends, but you’ll create some memories of a lifetime with good food and booze.

But to make a house party interesting, you must have a theme in mind. While the “Bollywood” theme is done and dusted, you can pick a letter and only have food and drinks starting with the letter. To help you curate a list of desserts, here are some of the best desserts, starting with the letter “V” that you must make for your house party.

Velvet Cake

While you might already be familiar with red velvet cake, you can choose any colour and make a mouth-melting velvet cake. To make a velvet cake for your themed party, you can start by baking a cake of your favourite flavour. Then, after it cools down, you can make a rich frosting by blending butter, powdered sugar, and milk. You can add a food colour of your choice and decorate the velvet cake.

Vanilla Pudding

The cool and creamy puddings are just the perfect addition to any house party. Not only is the pudding quick to make, but it is also extremely delicious and easy to serve. To make vanilla pudding, all you need to do is whisk milk, sugar, cornstarch, vanilla essence, and salt and let the mixture thicken. Then add in beaten eggs and warm milk to get a creamy vanilla pudding.

Victorian Sponge Cake

Victorian sponge cake is one of the most popular cakes and is a timeless dessert for a reason. To make the classic cake, you can mix dry ingredients like flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt. In a separate bowl, whisk the wet ingredients like butter, eggs, and vanilla extract. Combine them slowly till you get a smooth batter. Bake, add strawberry jam, and serve to make your theme party a hit.

Vanilla Cupcakes

If there is a dessert that has no haters, it has to be vanilla cupcakes. They are simple yet so elegant. Plus, since the vanilla cupcakes are so versatile, you can literally add any of your favourite fruit, toppings, or frosting that goes well with your themed party. Just make lots of them, as nothing is better than soft, mouth-melting vanilla cupcakes.

Violet Cake Pops

Another party dessert that starts with the letter “v” is violet cake pops. To make the cake pops, you can take a freshly baked chocolate cake, crumble it, and mix it with heavy cream. You can then take small portions of the mixture, roll them into balls, add a stick, and refrigerate them. Finally, decorate them in violet, add toppings, and make the dessert a hit at your party.