Cake Pops: Exploring The History Of These Colourful Treats
Image Credit: Freepik

If you are a constant at bakeries, cafes, or gourmet restaurants, at some place or other, you must have seen colourful cake balls that look like lollipops decorated like a dream. Yes, cake pops! These bite-sized balls of heaven have cake as their centre and are coated with different kinds of chocolates.

But have you wondered where they come from? While you have a platter of baked goods like cakes, cheesecakes, brownies, pastries, parfait, fudge, and much more, how did the innocent cake pops become a trend? This article will answer everything you need to know about these delectable treats, along with an easy recipe for you to make them at home.

The Origins of Cake Pops

Cake pops have been a part of the dessert world and were made in various parts of the world. Ever since the 20th century, their purpose has been to put the leftover cake to use in a creative way. While it was majorly practised in the United States of America and the cake balls were gaining traction, they were popular as “plutes”' and “truffles” in certain parts of Europe as well.

However, it wasn't until the late 2000s that cake pops as we know them today became one of the bestsellers and widely-loved desserts. The credit for making cake pops a trend goes to an American food blogger named Angie Dudley, who shared chocolate cake pops decorated like little cupcakes on her blog called “Bakerella.” Soon enough, the idea went viral on the internet, and Dudley was also invited to showcase her creation on Martha Stewart’s cooking show. 

The Cake Pops Trend

It was only a matter of time before the recipe travelled across the world. Bakeries launched separate counters with decorated cake pops for the customers to pick a handful of cake pops as they shop for more confectioneries. Adding to the crunch on the outside and a warm, mouth-melting cake ball on the inside, they became a hit for many bakeries and gourmet cafes. 

Since they can be themed, people started to order them for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and more. As of now, social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are filled with unique ideas for decorating cake pops with incredible cake fusions.

Make Your Own Cake Pops

Here’s a recipe for you to make and decorate a batch of cake pops.


  1. Prepared cake of any flavour - 1
  2. Whipped cream - 1/2 cup
  3. Melted chocolate or candy melts
  4. Lollipop sticks
  5. Sprinkles
  6. Chocolate chips


  1. Take the already prepared cake of any flavour you like and crumble it.
  2. Mix the cake crumbs with whipped cream till the cream is absorbed by the cake.
  3. Make small balls from the mixture.
  4. Insert lollipop sticks into the cake balls and freeze them for some time.
  5. Take melted chocolate or candy melts of any flavour or colour and cover each cake ball by simply dipping and coating them.
  6. Let the coating set, and then decorate with sprinkles and chocolate chips.
  7. Refrigerate the decorated cake balls for about half an hour, and they’re done.