5 Places Serving Best Tea In Mumbai
Image Credit: Best Tea In Mumbai

Tea is no less than any fuel; it's more than a cup of milk, tea leaves and sugar. In most homes, people like to take sips of tea in the morning (as soon as they wake up). Meanwhile, when you are tired from work, a cup of tea refreshes you entirely. Tea is a feeling that cannot be described in words, but it is impossible to make your tea when you are out. So, where to get your kind of tea? If you are currently travelling or residing in Mumbai and are fond of drinking tea, you must visit these places once. Here are five spots to get the best tea in Mumbai. 

Qutuz Irani Tea Hotel, Malad

This Irani cafe located in Malad is a favourite of many Mumbaikar, as the tea served here tastes fantastic. This Irani cafe serves you piping hot tea and some side dishes to make the best breakfast. Apart from tea, you can also eat maggi, cheese bhurji and many other tasty dishes here. So if you intend to visit, definitely take a sip of the 'pani-kam chai' found here.

Gopal Bhatt Tea Stall, Andheri

Gopal Bhatt has been running this tea stall with his brother for the past two decades and has many customers who regularly come to have his tea. It refreshes people during office breaks and serves as a hangout spot for office goers. So if you are in Andheri, definitely taste Gopal Bhatt's masala chai.

Good Luck Restaurant, Bandra

You will find this restaurant opposite the famous Mehboob Studio in Bandra. You can also enjoy delicious food here, along with excellent tea. This restaurant is open from 7:30 in the morning to midnight, so you can come here at any time to satisfy your tea craving. 

Ashok Patil Tea Stall, Crawford Market

If you are fond of drinking strong tea, you must visit Ashok Patil Tea Stall in Crawford Market. Do you know that people come from far to drink tea at this stall? So, if going here, you must try the Kadak chai made by Ashok.

Prithvi Cafe, Juhu

Here is a place in Mumbai where you can get the best ambience along with tasty tea. Prithvi Cafe in Juhu is famous for its Sulaimani and Cutting chai. So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy refreshing tea with a great vibe.