Pippali – The Ancient Indian Spice
Image Credit: Pippali is often confused with black pepper

Black pepper is commonly used to add heat to our food. It is something that is very easily available in our kitchens and is used in many, many dishes that we regularly cook. But we often confuse that with long pepper, that is, Pippali, which is one of the oldest spices used in the Indian cuisine. In fact, it is believed that pippali was used to make food spicier long before even chillies were used in Indian cuisine. There are several health benefits of pippali. Let us look at how much benefits we would gain by adding the spice to our regular diet.

Pippali has a very long and rich history. According to historians, it was one of the earliest spices to be exported out from the Southern parts of the country. It was so popular for its medicinal properties, that even Hippocrates is said to have used it in the 6th century BC. India, always known as the land of spices to others, has been one of those countries that has been the go-to place for most of the spices known and used by the Western world. Hence, pippali and its introduction to the world was yet another story of India and our love for spices.

Talking in latest terms, pippali is also what we call a superfood – the lowest possible calories with the highest possible nutrition. It mostly grows in the wild, typically in the rainforests. Some states that have the concentration of pippali include West Bengal, Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. It is not as common as the normal black pepper we use, but it indeed is extremely beneficial for our health. Not only does this spice enhance the flavour of the food, it makes it healthy too.

Pippali has several amazing health benefits

Along with modern science and its theories on how pippali is very healthy, our vedas also have several pointers on the advantages of consuming it. But for the science geeks, let us tell you that it is proven that pippali regulates blood sugar levels and helps maintaining healthy digestive health. It can also cure respiratory issues, boost immunity as well as aid weight loss. Ayurveda also suggests that the spice helps during menstrual cramps and regulates very heavy menstrual flow.

So, this ancient Indian spice is very beneficial to health and not only Ayurveda, but medicine and science also believes in the healing power of Indian spice pippali.