Pipe Fryums Madness: 6 Ways To Transform It To Indulging Snacks
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Pipe fryums are called by many names across the country. In Banglore, it's called Boti, Nadda fries in Maharashtra, Gottalu in Andhra Pradesh, Nola in Odisha, Phofi in Bihar and so on. Despite the different names, the recipe, shape and making process are essentially the same, and the taste is utterly delicious, as always. All kinds of fryums are essentially made with all-purpose flour cooked with water to form a thick paste, then filled in piping bags to give the desired shape.

The intriguing cylindrical shape of pipe fryums sparks creative ideas about how to enjoy them. Children particularly enjoy sliding the fryums onto their fingers, which has led to them being popularly known as "Fingers." In Nagpur, Maharashtra, it is sold as the popular street food called Nadda chaat, where the fryums are filled with spicy potato masala and the ends are coated with nylon sev.

So, if you are looking for something better than standard fryums, try these interesting recipes with Pipe fryums and enjoy them as an evening treat or late-night snack.

1) Nadda Aloo Chaat

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Mashed potatoes filled with spices, tomatoes, onions, coriander and chaat masala is how you make a delicious filling for nadda chaat. After the filling is well mixed, fill it in the fried pipe fryums and coat the ends with sev to add to the presentation and taste.

2) Finger Dabeli

To make Finger Dabeli, dabeli masala is used as the filling for fryums. Dabeli masala is a blend of whole spices ground with ground spices that boast a Mediterranean and coastal flavour, and sometimes ground peanuts are also added. Then, the masala is used to saute boiled potatoes to make a luscious smooth paste.

3) Fryums Bhel

If filling up fryums feels too much like work, why not break it and make a tantalising bhel? The addition of broken pieces of fryums in bhel enhances the crunch, taste and texture, taking the standard recipe to a whole new level.

4) Spiced Fryums

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Simply coating the fryums in spices can bring a new definition to the snack. With the use of different spices like chaat masala, chilli powder, amchur, and tamarind spice, you can make different flavoured fryums. Also, try a mixed-spiced version if you truly love spices with everything.

5) Cheese Filled Boti

When experimenting with different fillings, how can cheese be left out? Fryums filled with shredded cheese are enough to turn even a grown man back into a child. As the gooey cheesy ripples stretch out when you break the fries, the excitement grows even more.

6) Paneer Fryums

Shredded paneer is a popular choice for many Indians when it comes to making a wholesome filling. From momos to puff pastry, masala paneer is a widely preferred choice due to its versatility and ability to go with a number of flavours. Use this advantage of paneer to make a delicious filling for your pipe fryums and enjoy every nibble of it for utmost satisfaction.