7 Immunity Booster Fruits You Must Add In Your Diet

Eating fruit is an amazing way to add essential nutrients to your diet. They are not only sweet and yummy but are also easy to incorporate in your meals. Along with being rich in various vitamins and minerals, they are also a powerful tool to boost your immunity. Having a good immune system is important for the overall health of the body. 

It protects us from various diseases and infections like colds and flu. According to Healthline, the immune system is a complex fighting system that defends our body against all components that try to threaten it. It also helps in recovering after an injury. Therefore, developing a good immunity is important to live a healthy life.  

So, here are seven fruits that can help you in boosting your immune system: 


Pineapples are rich in manganese and vitamin C along with bromelain that helps in the absorption of antibiotics and reduces the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. Homeopathy expert Dr. Lokendra Gaud in his YouTube channel says that the high content of antioxidants in pineapple helps in activating the response of immune system. Enjoy directly or combine it with salads and smoothies to enhance its taste. 

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like grapes, oranges and lemons are packed with vitamin C that contributes to building the immune system. According to Healthline, these fruits help in increasing the production of white blood cells which are beneficial for fighting against infections. There are a variety of recipes to enjoy citrus fruits starting from simple lemonade to cakes or breads. 


This delightful and juicy summer fruit is 92% water that keeps you hydrated during the hot season. According to WebMD, watermelon has a compound named citrulline that is beneficial for enhancing immunity and curing inflammatory conditions. Transform this fruit into smoothies or salads if you are bored of eating it directly. 


This gorgeous fruit is naturally high in essential nutrients like folate, vitamin K, vitamin C and potassium. According to Healthline, the vitamin C present in kiwi supports white blood cells to fight against infections and its other nutrients help in proper functioning of the rest of your body. Kiwi can be transformed into a variety of dishes including smoothies, puddings and salsa. 


Papaya is another fruit that is loaded with vitamin C. It not only builds immunity but also improves your digestive system. According to Healthline, this fruit has double the amount of vitamin C compared to other fruits. Papaya also contains potassium, folate and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it beneficial for overall health of the body. 


The “king of fruits” mango is also known for boosting your immune system. It contains many vital nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin A, folate and fibre. According to Healthline, the vitamins and antioxidants present in mangoes help in producing disease-fighting white blood cells in the body that facilitates the smooth functioning of the cells. From aam panna to curry, there are plenty of recipes you can prepare with mangoes. 


Blueberries contain vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and manganese along with flavonoids which help in boosting immunity as well as reducing inflammation. The antioxidants and polyphenol content of these berries reduce cell damage that contributes to regulating immunity. Blueberries are very popular ingredients for desserts like cakes, mousse and pies but the healthiest way to consume them is directly or in the form of salads and smoothies.