Pickle, Pudding And More: Interesting Ways To Add Orange To Your Meals
Image Credit: Pexels.

A chilled mug of fresh orange juice has become the go to summer drink for many in the city. Did you know that orange is the most common citrus fruit in our country? Orange cultivation occupies about 40% of the total area under citrus cultivation in India. Moreover, our country contributes more than 3% to the world’s total orange production. Indians, however, love oranges and that’s evident by the stats! Only 1.72% of the country’s orange production is exported and the rest is consumed by Indians themselves. Orange has found its way in to the Indian cuisine and is consumed as a meal, a pickle and as an important ingredient in desserts too. 

The benefits of eating oranges are well known to all. This citrus fruit is rich in Vitamin C, and helps to make your hair and skin better. It also boosts immunity and helps your body make collagen. Amid the pandemic, orange has become an important source of minerals and nutrients for many. If you’re looking to incorporate this fruit in your diet, beyond just a glass of orange juice, here are some ways in which you can:  

Orange Peel Ki Sabzi 

Although it may sound a little unfamiliar at first, a dish made from orange peels is a vegetarian delicacy, found in the cuisine of Karnataka. The curry is relished with steam rice, Paratha, and Kerala style cabbage stir fry. The peel of the orange is usually a part that’s discarded after the fruit is relished. However, when you make this dish, you can use the peel to make a delicious, tangy curry. If you prefer the curry to have a tinge of sweetness, you could also use jaggery in the preparation. 

Orange Pickle 

Have you ever tried an orange pickle? Food bloggers have been posting videos of pickled oranges from quite sometime now. While some have used normal oranges to make the pickle, others have used dwarf oranges. As the pickle can turn out to be extremely tangy, it’s advisable to add atleast four teaspoons of sugar to your pickle. If you come across oranges that are too sour to be consumed, try to pickle them instead and enjoy orange achaar with parathas and as a condiment with a plate of daal chawal. 

Santre Ki Kheer 

Orange kheer is a tasty citrusy dessert that’s made from rice cooked in milk, cardamom, sugar and flavored with oranges and nuts. The rich flavour of the milk contrasts well with the sweet and tangy taste of the orange. It’s best to use full fat milk while making this dessert. While choosing oranges to make santre ki kheer, choose the ones that are heavy and unblemished. The colour of the orange isn’t always an indicator of its quality as some oranges could be dyed.  

Orange Kulfi

Kulfis are the traditional quintessential desi desserts that we just can’t go on without in summers. Orange kulfi is orange flavoured kulfi that’s packed with flavour from orange rinds and is served in a shell shaped orange peel. This dessert is widely served on the streets of Kolkatta. Orange kulfi makes for a comforting dessert after a heavy meal.