Pharre Or Fae’rie; Have You Tried This Kashmiri Winter Delight?
Image Credit: Courtesy- Sikandar Yousuf Ganie Facebook

It’s pretty surprising to see how the change of season brings different delicacies in different. Be it summer, monsoon or winter each have their speciality food. Specially  in winter the array of food is much huge and has loads of variety be it Makke ki Roti and sarso ka saag or Gajar ka Halwa or Moong Dal halwa or the exotic Undhiyu or the iconic Nolen Gur each dish in a way represent the state and also shows the huge diversity that we boast of. 

Courtesy- Facebook


Ekhlas yatoo, Owner walnut world ekhlas yatoo in Kashmir says “cooking this fish is a very delicate process. Once it’s smoked it has to be handled very carefully so that it doesn’t break and while cleaning the chargrilled skin you need to be delicate. It’s cleaned internally and all you need to do is wash and clean away the charred skin. It’s either cooked with Kashmiri haakh (saag) or simply pan to be fried. A special spice mix that’s used in my homes adds to extra flavour of the dish. We also believe that this fish Hokhe Gad” is capable to cure the worst colds and flu”. 

Each winter you can see Kashmiri woman selling Pharre on the streets. Priced almost around Rs 300- 600/kg, this art of making the smoked fish is soon loosing it’s people as it’s time consuming. The fish sees a very strong aroma while it’s being cooked. Amongst all the various way to cook this smoked fish, cooking it with some vegetables till the water dry and the spices blend well is the most sought-after way. Enjoyed best with hot steam rice this winter land delicacy gives comfort in cold chilly weather.